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Marty Wolff's whale photos taken on his Tonga vacation

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Marty Wolff
Marlin Creative
Marketing / Photographic Fine Art
marty (at)

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Want to help save the whales?

Want to help save the whales? Take a whale watching tour. International whale watching tourism is a multi billion dollar a year industry. That is enough tourist dollars to produce political might.

When you come to Tonga and swim with the whales you are spending your tourist dollar in a way that helps make an economic impact to an island communitie in sustainable way.

At the end of the year when money is counted and whaling nations are handing out large sums to gain votes in the International Whaling Commission your dollar may be the deciding vote.


Denmark Dolphin Slaughter

This link is to a graphic photo display of a whale harvest in Denmark currently under day. Warning- These images are not for the faint of heart.
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