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Geocaching Tonga

Geocaching Tonga is fast becoming a new adventure. We are laying out caches over the complete Vava 'u group. Bring your handheld GPS and follow the cache deposits to some of the most beautiful locations and scenic views over the complete archipelago.

We have deposited caches all over the Vava' u area. We tried to choose the areas with

  • best views,
  • most scenic drives,
  • Tongan marine reserves
  • best bird life
  • most outrageous reefs
  • best climbs
  • great locations
  • best Tongan National parks and
  • areas of Tonga that should not be missed.

Come along with us on a geocaching Tongan adventure.

Visit geocaching Tonga, Wherigo Tonga, for the latest cache updates, or search the geocaching web site for Yachtwork.

Tonga Geocaching game #1- Vavau land tour

Expect the game/tour to take about three to five hours to explore. Remember you can quit at any time and head home, but it's worth the adventure to see all the great outlooks. Bring water, and a few munchies.

To travel around you can

  • Rent a car
  • Take a Cart Safari
  • Ride a bike
  • Rent a motorcycle
  • Trek (about 8 hours)
  • Hire a taxi
  • Take a horse

To take the Vava 'u land tour "start here"

Begin at the harbor in Neiafu, Vava 'u Tonga.

You should have your GPS set to decennials and datum WGS84.

Go to way point-

  • S 18.36.456
  • W 173.56.158

At this way point you should be able to identify one of the photos on the right. Proceed to the way point listed under that photo. At that way point you should be able to identify another view shown in a photo on the right. Proceed to the way point listed below the photo and so on till you find yourself back in Neiafu.

Enjoy the voyage and let me know how you enjoyed the tour.







Start here for game, Vava'u land tour #1.

Use the photos below.

An old church

  • S 18.34.468
  • W 173.57.041

Best house in tow
  • S 18.36.947
  • W 173.54.974

Great tree roots
  • S 18.37.079
  • W 173.54.402

      Signs at crossroads
    • S 18.36.498
    • W 173.56.023

    Awesome overlook
  • S 18.37.192
  • W 173.54.630

    The resort that blew away
  • S 18.37.100
  • W 173.54.481

Growth so thick you can't see out
  • S 18.37.479
  • W 173.54.315

Abandon building site
  • S 18.37.755
  • W 173.54.189

Ironwood forest
  • S 18.37.827
  • W 173.54.164

  • W 173.59.084
    Fi nd a glass jar, open it up and enter your name, any message you might have and the date.

  • S 18.37.085
  • W 173.54.460

    • S 18.37.878
    • W 173.55.032

    • S 18.35.331
    • W 173.57.054

    End of game #1 photos

Local photos taken along game #1 layout

Locals always seem happy to pose for photos.

On the way to church

Those front stained glass church windows were really just painted right onto the cement facade.



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