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Polynesian cultural center

About Tonga

“Vava’u … is surrounded by one of the largest, most sheltered natural harbors in the south Pacific. Much of the archipelago features deep seaways that wind, fjord-like, around islands more than 300ft in height. Over 20 locations provide good overnight anchorages, and far more are suitable for day use, presenting limitless choices for exploration, snorkeling, diving, fishing, or just lying about on the beach. From July to November, it is possible to spot humpback whales in migration. These features, combined with a tropical climate, warm sea, swaying coconut palms and long stretches of white-sand beach, make the Vava’u archipelago a Polynesian heaven and world-class cruising ground.
From “Sailing Guide to the kingdom of Tonga”

...Vava'u is regarded as one of the best game-fishing destinations in the Pacific and a prime site for catching marlin...
Lonelyplanet, Tonga

"Tonga - The real Polynesia"


Your Tongan visit

The 64 emerald cays that make up the Kingdom of Tonga, Polynesia's oldest and last remaining monarchy, were christened “The Friendly Islands” by Captain Cook in 1777. Today, visitors are quick to agree that the warm welcome of these deeply hospitable people is matched only by the appeal of perfect cruising in a fantasy land of unspoiled islands, breathtaking scenery, incredible snorkeling and remote village visits.

Begin your adventure from our base located minutes away from the main town of Neiafu, in the heart of the Vava'u group of islands. This pristine boating area consists of dozens of islands and a countless number of picturesque bays and anchorages, all within an easy days cruise.

These perpetually calm waters boast visibility from 100 to 150 feet, with coral formations the size of treasure troves, just waiting to be discovered by snorkeling and divers.

For those who enjoy fresh fish, this destination offers and ample supply of

  • Mahi Mahi
  • Yellowfin Tuna and
  • Wahoo.

Why not troll between the islands as your captain plots your course.

From July through November the deeper offshore waters are a breeding ground for humpback whales which repeat complex phrases and themes, creating calls that echo in your memory forever.

Your visit to Tonga can be highlighted by an authentic Polynesian feast on Hinakawe’a Beach, a celebration famous throughout the Pacific with up to 30 dishes and a torch-lit celebration of dancing and singing.

For relaxed Cruising, serene beauty, and deeply-rooted hospitality of the people, Tonga is waiting to welcome you.

"Tonga - An unspoiled island kingdom"

Direct flights to Tonga

Remember there are direct flights to Tonga from

  • Las Angeles California
  • Australia
  • Auckland, New Zealand



If Tonga were a person they would be

  • warm and friendly
  • unhurried
  • easy going
  • active and fun and
  • traditional.

The Tongan people are cheerful, curious, and fun to be around.

"Tonga - The Pacific island of choice"



People who visit Tonga tend to

  • enjoy adventure
  • love romance
  • stay informed
  • be savvy
  • learn about culture
  • respect nature and be
  • active
  • confident
  • intrepid and be an
  • independent dedicated traveler.

"Tonga is still the authenticate Polynesia"


Tongan Bats

In Tonga bats are protected by royal decree meaning Tonga is one of the few remaining locations where the Foxbat and the Old World Bat thrive in the wild.

Tonga is lucky to be home to the Flying Fox bat and the micro Old World Fruit Bat. Visitors from around the world venture to Tonga for a glimpse of one of the last remaining habitats to the Flying Fox and the Old World Bat.

The Flying Fox is pure vegetarian eating sap and fruit in the trees and thus plays a vital role in the Tongan ecosystem by pollinating trees and spreading the seeds through scat. Their meter wide wingspan and quick, darting flights in the tree tops makes the Flying Fox an easy mammal to view.

Flying Foxes leave their tree roosts about an hour before sunset and begin their circling flight paths. These gentle creatures were given the name Flying Fox due to their fox like face, even though they are not related to the fox family.

Let us take you to one of the last remaining islands that is home to the Flying Fox.

"A group of bats is called a flock"

The Old World Bat is one of the world's smallest bats and can be seen living overhead of Swallows Cave. Typically on the first day of a charter we drive our skiff into the wide opening of this magnificent limestone cave. On the overhead live a flock of Old World Bats.

Old World Bats are some of the worlds lightest flying mammals weighing just a quarter ounce each.

"A baby bat is called a pup"




Tonga represents the ancient Polynesia of the South Pacific, but that does not mean you'll be out of touch when traveling. Tonga and Vava'u especially are connected through computer Wifi in most locations.

Our Catana 582 is connected to the major web provider through a special Wifi link that re-transmits through the vessel so your computer online whenever you are onboard. Just ask for your free password.

Tonga has complete cell phone coverage. Bring your phone from home and for under ten dollars a new SIM card can be purchased for instant communication, or use our onboard loaner phone by simply purchasing local pre-pay phone cards.

"There's no daylight savings time in Tonga.
We've got plenty"



Tonga has near perfect weather. Warm and sunny year round with light rains, and just enough clouds to provide sufficient shade for outdoor activities.

June-December being the dryer, cooler months where we wear shorts in the daytime, long pants or a long sleeve shirt in the evening, and sleep with a light blanket. Snorkeling for up to an hour can be enjoyed in simple shorts, while full days in the water can be slightly more comfortable with a 1mm wetsuit top.

January-May the temperature is slightly hotter. We wear shorts in the day and occasionally wear long pants in the evening. At night we sleep with a sheet and on still nights sometimes we turn on a fan. Swimming can be comfortable all day in simple shorts, but many guests still wear the lightest of wetsuit tops.

Please remember a Catana 582 is completely climate controlled. If at any time you find your too hot or cold just ask and were happy to turn on the air conditioning.

"Tonga - Journey to the real Polynesia"

Cost of living

Tonga is a travelers dream, and one of the best values for money in the South Pacific. The US dollar is strong and English is universally spoken. Flights are inexpensive from the US, New Zealand and Australia. Many guests combine a week sailing in Tonga with a trip to New Zealand or Australia.

Relax and enjoy nights out, purchasing gifts for friends and family, and all that the friendly islands have to offer. Tonga is inexpensive compared to other polynesian island destinations.

"Tonga - Thousands of years of history in one country"


Tongan culture

Feasts - Tongan's are known as great producers of feasts. We can arrange for one of the many local feasts to be presented for your enjoyment.

Weaving - Tongan’s are known throughout the South Pacific for their excellent weaving. We can arrange classes, or simply take you to the weavers themselves so you can purchase goods right from the weaver themselves.

Church-Tongan's are known for their church services. Attend a local service and surround yourself with the rich choir sounds.

Tapa cloth production - Tapa cloth pounding is of historic significance in Tonga. We can arrange for a viewing of the making of these world class tapa cloths. Feel free to observe or even take a Tapa home as a permanent memory or your vacation.

Kava - The local pepper root drink, Kava, is a mild sedative that men drink in the evenings. We can arrange to meet the locals and partake of the festivities, or we can prepare a Kava drink aboard for a private experience.

Local villages - Tonga is an island world. The main mode of travel is by boat and the local villages are traditionally visited by water. Allow us to bring you to some of the local villages to experience authentic, traditional Tongan culture.

Safety - Tonga has a very low crime rate. Violent crime in Vava'u is almost nonexistent, and there are almost no cases of piracy in the whole of the South Pacific. All in all, Tonga is a very safe place to vacation, live, and holiday.

"Tonga - Ancient, timeless and yours"



Polynesian Tattoos

Polynesia Tattoos are some of the worlds finest work. The flowing, artistic patterns are known the world over. Come to Polynesia and consider the options of a Tongan tattoo.


Direct flights to Tonga

Remember there are direct flights to Tonga from

  • Las Angeles California
  • Australia
  • Auckland, New Zealand


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